Celebrating our amazing alumni

Thousands of talented students participate in our programs every year, so we're always interested in hearing about the exciting things that they've gone on to achieve. We want to share these stories, celebrate alumni success, seed new connections and provide networking opportunities.

Finalists for the 2017 Emerging alumni Award were:

  • Sian Simpson - Director of Community Kiwi Landing Pad, San Fancisco 
  • Carlos Bagrie - Co-Founder My Food Bag  
  • Jamie Beaton - CEO and Co-Founder Crimson Education 
  • Anna Guenther - Co-Founder of PledgeMe 
  • Emily McCarthy - Cell and Molecular Bio Science
  • Tim Pointer - CEO and a founder of Uprise Digital 
  • Shay Wright – Co-Founder Te Whare Hukahuka

Sian Simpson was announced winner of the 2017 Emerging Alumni Award at the Lions Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme National awards. Congratulations Sian!