YES Alumni

Emily Blythe

CEO & Co-Founder of Limpidity


Emily participated in the Young Enterprise Scheme in 2012 with her business ‘Flatpack’. Flatpack was created out of Emily’s realisation that there was no suitable tool storage system for quad bikes. Her response to this problem was a product that was flexible, able to be quickly removed from the bike or flattened to get it out of the way and, crucially, big enough to carry a one-metre fencing standard and tools around the farm.

Flatpack was subsequently asked to join the Ministry for Primary Industries’ ‘Primary Industry Champions’ - an initiative created to educate and show what opportunities existed within the primary sectors.

Emily continued to develop Flatpack until its closing in 2016, when she then co-founded Limpidity, of which she is also CEO. Limpidity aims to tackle fog dispersal at airports to protect against fog-related disruptions. For this, Emily was awarded best pitch at the Ice Angels showcase in 2018.

"There is demand for smarter, creative and innovative thinkers who are ready to problem solve. Now it is up to us (collectively) to decide and create that future. A future that we can be proud of and are happy to share with our whanau and the generations to come."