YES Alumni

Rees Vinsen

Founder & CEO of Adduco

Rees Vinsenbhvfi

Rees Vinsen is the founder and CEO of Adduco, a customer data platform helping brands to personalise their advertising, content and digital experiences. When he was fifteen Rees set up Adduco (formerly named NEXT SMC) out of Nelson in 2013 through the Young Enterprise Scheme. While Adduco still operates in New Zealand it is now headquartered in Austin, Texas. 

Upon relaunching Adduco in March 2019 as a software product, the business processed $1.3million in advertising spend in its first four weeks of operation. Adduco currently serves over 2,600 customers in 175 countries and tracks over 135 million unique user profiles, helping brands build deeper relationships with hundreds of millions of customers worldwide. 

Rees is now also the co-founder and COO of sports media platform Sportscafe, providing sport content and live sport engagement apps to fans around the world. Rees and fellow cofounders Ric Salizzo and Sir John Kirwan are currently raising their Seed funding round and plan to launch Sportscafe in the coming months.