Insurance Day 2018

A Money Week Event helping young Kiwis to weather the storm.

Insurance Day is a Money Week event where 40 students from four West Auckland intermediate schools will learn about the importance of financial capability and build related skills in a fun and engaging way.


Insurance Day is designed to make learning about money and risk enjoyable for young people, who can, as a result, begin building life-long interest and good habits. Financial literacy is of increasing importance to young Kiwis hoping to navigate their way successfully through adult life, and as a result, an increasing number of financial products are being marketed to younger and lower-income people. It’s therefore especially important that our more vulnerable members of society are equipped with the tools they need to get ahead in life. The Government recognises this and is working on several financial education initiatives. Until these are developed, YES, Banqer and the Insurance Council of New Zealand (ICNZ) are taking steps to help deliver financial capability education to the most vulnerable members of society. 


Each year, we work with ICNZ and Banqer to participate in the Commission for Financial Capability’s Money Week. We do this by dedicating Insurance Day to working with intermediate-aged children and their teachers, introducing the Banqer apps to the students and talking to the teachers about financial capability education.


This year it will be on 4 September in Auckland and will be based at a low decile school in West Auckland that currently does not use the Banquer modules, and at the end of the day, the school will be sponsored to run the Banquer modules for a full year. Further to that, this year is extra special. The Money Week theme is resilience, and we will be supporting it by helping ICNZ and Banqer in their public launch of a new financial education module that revolves around risk and purchasing motor vehicles. A car is likely to be most consumers first big purchase so it’s important they learn good financial capability in regard to purchasing and owning one.


This event is by invite only. For more information please contact Paul Newsom:


Phone: 021 784 070 | 04 570 3984

Insurance Day 2018