World Expo 2020: The Global Kaitiakitanga Project

YES have partnered with NZ at Expo 2020 to create the Global Kaitiakitanga Project – a 14-month programme of high-quality mentoring and international collaboration for five Years 11-12 YES companies with a focus on sustainability.

An International Business Opportunity for YES Students 

We’ve selected five YES companies with a focus on sustainability, as part of the Young Enterprise Programme running throughout New Zealand high schools. The students will use the programme to develop their YES business.

This involves workshops with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and the opportunity to travel to Thailand in October 2019 (sponsored by the Southeast Asia Centre for Asia Pacific Excellence) to provide engagement with other youth enterprise organisations, and to validate their product or service internationally.

 Students will then take part in a pitching event in late 2020, with the winning company travelling to Expo 2020 Dubai in January 2021 to showcase their product or service in the New Zealand Pavilion. This trip will coincide with Youth Day at Expo 2020, so there may be additional opportunities to represent New Zealand and participate in multi-country youth activity. 

We'll be sharing video updates as the programme unfolds, so keep an eye out. You can view Part 1 here:  

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Visit the Global Kaitiakitanga Project landing page for updates and more information. 


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World Expo 2020: The Global Kaitiakitanga Project