Are You Covered? Your first Guide to Insurance

'Are You Covered?' helps students learn how to understand and manage their personal risks. This series of resources have been developed in conjunction with the Insurance Council of New Zealand.

Students will learn about a range of personal insurance products including vehicle insurance, travel insurance and contents insurance. Resources include an introductory guide, along with 3 optional case studies and a webquest that students can complete.

Student learning

With Are You Covered?, students will:

  • Discover a range of personal risks and risk management options 
  • Understand why consumers choose to buy insurance
  • Articulate different personal insurance products currently available
  • Learn how to make an insurance claim.

Curriculum links

Personal Financial Management is a fundamental part of a young person’s education. The ‘Are You Covered?’ resources support students as they develop the key competencies.
The series also has links to the Social Sciences, English and Mathematics and Statistics learning areas.

Students taking part will:

  • Use the Are You Covered? guide to discuss insurance and the different personal insurance products that are available
  • Review and complete up to 3 case studies on vehicle insurance, travel insurance and contents insurance 
  • Complete a webquest where they design their dream room and find out how much it would cost to insure its contents.

Are You Covered? Your first Guide to Insurance

  • Year 10-13
  • 2-8hrs
  • English
    Mathematics and Statistics
    Social Sciences
  • Free to NZ schools
  • Led by teachers
    Training Available
Download overview

Download includes:

  • Guide: Are You Covered? Your First Guide To Insurance
  • Slideshow: Contents Insurance Case Study
  • Slideshow: Travel Insurance Case Study
  • Slideshow: Vehicle Insurance case study
  • State Contents Insurance Policy
  • State Travel Insurance Policy
  • State Vehicle Insurance Policy