Balancing your budget: US 28094

This resource helps teachers deliver the Personal Financial Management Unit Standard 28094 ‘Produce a balanced budget and adjust the budget to reflect changing financial circumstances’ (Level 2, 3 credits). Students will learn about key concepts such as budgeting and financial goal setting, and complete an open-book assessment which may be awarded with Achieved, Merit or Excellence.

Student learning

Through this unit, students will

  • Learn about budgeting and its’ importance to financial goal setting
  • Understand a range of key financial terms 
  • Learn how to set, maintain and update a budget

Curriculum links

Personal Financial Management is a core generic domain on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework. This unit of work also has links to the Social Sciences and Mathematics and Statistics learning areas.


Balancing your budget: US 28094

  • Year 11-13
  • 25-30 hrs
  • Level 2 Personal Financial Management Unit Standard
  • Free to NZ schools
  • Led by teachers
    Training Available
Download overview

Students taking part will

  • Learn the benefits of keeping a budget
  • Learn how to determine their current financial position
  • Understand what fixed, variable and mixed expenses are
  • Complete a practise assessment
  • Complete an open-book assessment using a given scenario

For access to the Teaching Guide and Student Assessment for this Unit Standard, please contact us at:

Download includes:

  • Student Workbook
  • Teaching guide: Using financial capability unit standards