Buying Faulty Goods

Buying Faulty Goods is a one-hour lesson designed to show students that people have rights and responsibilities when managing their money. This lesson is a fun introduction for students to consumer protection laws that protect them when buying goods and services. Students will use classroom currency to buy resources, make a product using faulty resources and assess consumer responses.

This resource is currently being updated ready for the start of term - broken links fixed and updated content. You can download now but please check you have the latest version before using it in the classroom.

Student learning

Through this unit, students will

  • Understand how consumers exercise their rights to manage money
  • Understand how consumers exercise their responsibilities to manage money
  • Understand how financial transactions have financial risks that people must manage.

Curriculum links

Buying Faulty Goods has strong links to the Social Sciences curriculum. The resource helps students to understand concepts such as managing money, consumer risks, consumer rights, consumer responsibility and consumer law. This resource also helps teachers deliver the key competencies.

Buying Faulty Goods

  • Year 5-8
  • 1 hour
  • Social Sciences
  • Free to NZ schools
  • Led by teachers
    Training Available
Download overview

Students taking part will

  • Use classroom currency to buy resources and create a bubble-blowing machine.
  • Compete to see which team can blow the biggest bubbles.
  • Discuss why some of the resources were not fit for purpose, and what information students needed as consumers before buying the resources.
  • Discuss key concepts and phrases in consumer law.
  • Create a spider web map to capture their knowledge on managing money and consumer protection.

Download includes:

  • Buying Faulty Goods Teaching Guide