Dollars and Cents Quiz

Dollars and Cents is a fun quiz which helps Year 7-8 students learn about key concepts such as earning, spending and saving. The quiz helps students learn about financial capability while improving their maths skills. There are five parts to the quiz, which you can deliver over a week or have students complete all five at once.

Student Learning

Through Dollars and Cents, students will:

  • Learn about earning income in New Zealand
  • Understand the difference between needs and wants
  • Learn about the importance of saving
  • Explore, and make calculations related to community giving and donations
  • Learn about investing in shares


Dollars and Cents Quiz

  • Year 7-8
  • One Hour
  • Mathematics and Statistics
    Social Sciences
  • Free to NZ schools
  • Led by teachers
Download overview

Students taking part will

Complete five short quiz activities, focused on earning, spending, saving, sharing and investing 

Download includes:

  • Activity: Earning
  • Activity: Spending
  • Activity: Saving
  • Activity: Sharing
  • Activity: Budgeting