Enterprising Storybook 8: Little Yellow Digger

The family next door want to build a drain so that when the rain comes down the garden and driveway, it doesn’t get muddy. The little yellow digger comes to build the drain, but the rain comes down and it gets stuck! Another digger comes down to rescue the little digger, but slips into the half dug drain and also gets stuck! The rain still comes down.

Student learning

  • The story is about the consequences of choice. 
  • In hindsight bad decisions lead to bad consequences. 
  • A point is reached where more consideration needs to be given to the problems at hand, and better decisions made so the problem is solved and not made worse.

Curriculum links

This unit of work relates to the following key competencies and values:
Thinking; Relating to Others; Participating and Contributing; Innovation, Inquiry and Curiosity; Integrity. 

Enterprising Storybook 8: Little Yellow Digger

  • Year 2-6
  • 1-5 hours
  • Mathematics and Statistics
    Social Sciences
  • Free to NZ Schools
  • Led by teachers
    Training Available
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Students taking part will

  • Understand that making decisions involves risk.
  • Recognise that time needs to pass before knowing whether a decision was good or bad.
  • Evaluate the consequences of choices before making decisions.
  • Understand the concept of opportunity cost and making the next best choice.
  • Recognise that by reviewing decisions, they can learn from mistakes that are made and maybe do things differently next time.
  • Use a process for reviewing decisions. 

Download includes:

  • ESB8: Little Yellow Digger