Enterprising Storybook 4: The Lorax

The Lorax is a cautionary tale, warning about the dangers of destroying our forests and environments, and of our responsibility to protect them. This story covers how to classify resources into Natural, Human, Capital and Material and how there is a cost attached to them whether they are free or not.

Student learning

  • There is a need for social structures (including rules and laws), that reflect our values.
  • These Rules and Laws need to represent all people and species in our community.
  • Democratic governance represents all parties/stakeholders.
  • There are different types of resources used to make products (natural, human, capital, material resources).
  • Societies change over time due to the influence of a range of factors, including new people, ideas, knowledge, skills, and natural phenomena. 

Curriculum links

This unit of work relates to the following key competencies and values:
Thinking; Relating to Others; Managing Self; Participating and Contributing; Equity; Community; Ecological Sustainability; Integrity; Respect.

Enterprising Storybook 4: The Lorax

  • Year 4-8
  • 1-5 hrs
  • English
    Mathematics and Statistics
    Social Sciences
  • Free to NZ Schools
  • Led by teachers
    Training Available
Download overview

Students taking part will

  • Explore resources and economic activity.
  • Explore social organisation, rules and laws.
  • Explore culture and heritage and changes in society over time.
  • Understand how groups make and implement rules and laws.
  • Understand that the consequences of the decisions we make today affect us and others in the future. 

Download includes:

  • ESB4: The Lorax