Enterprising Storybook 5: A New Coat for Anna

A New Coat for Anna is about an enterprising mother and her young daughter Anna. They find themselves, and their community, without the goods and services they need in the shops, therefore money cannot be used to purchase what is needed. Anna needs a new coat for next winter.

Student learning

  • The story highlights the need for people to be resourceful and enterprising when they need more than what is immediately available.
  • Communities facing the situation described in the book often need to resort to bartering to gain what they need. 
  • Not only are the goods and services in the shops scarce, so are the resources used to produce them.
  • People then rely on what they do best (specialisation) and trade these skills for other goods and services they either need or desire.
  • The success of bartering relies on both parties wanting what the other has to offer.

Curriculum links

This unit of work relates to the following key competencies and values:
Thinking; Relating to Others; Managing Self; Participating and Contributing; Excellence; Innovation, Inquiry and Curiosity; Equity; Community; Integrity. 

Enterprising Storybook 5: A New Coat for Anna

  • Year 4-8
  • 1-5 hrs
  • English
    Mathematics and Statistics
    Social Sciences
  • Free to NZ Schools
  • Led by teachers
    Training Available
Download overview

Students taking part will

  • Describe the enterprising and entrepreneurial attributes that the people in this book have. 
  • Add up the cost of this coat in terms of the prices paid for the materials to make the coat. 
  • List the different types of work people do in this story. 
  • Classify resources into Natural, Human, Capital and Material Resources categories.
  • Describe the act of bartering and why this system of exchange would or would not work in society in general.
  • Distinguish between what we do for financial reward and what we do voluntarily for our community, using this book to give examples. 

Download includes:

  • ESB5: A New Coat for Anna