Financial Behaviours

Young Enterprise has developed a series of one-hour lessons to help students develop their financial capability. Financial Behaviours is for students working at Level 3 of the curriculum, and helps them understand that people choose to make financial decisions in different ways. Students will examine their own financial behaviours and compare these with others in the class.

Student learning

Through Financial Behaviours, students will

  • Understand that culture and identity may give rise to different financial choices
  • Understand that different cultures may have different financial values; however, all people work to meet their needs and wants
  • Identify patterns and trends within data and communicate their findings

Curriculum links

This resource has strong links to the Social Sciences, English and Mathematics and Statistics curriculum areas. It also helps teachers deliver the key competencies in the New Zealand Curriculum and helps students to develop their financial capability skills.

Financial Behaviours

  • Year 5-8
  • 1 hour
  • English
    Mathematics and Statistics
    Social Sciences
  • Free to NZ schools
  • Led by teachers
    Training Available
Download overview

Students taking part will

  • Identify and discuss their behaviour with money
  • Complete a questionnaire to further analyse their financial behaviours
  • Write a report card for their own financial behaviours 
  • Analyse the financial behaviours of the class 
  • Compare and contrast two people with very different financial behaviours

Download includes:

  • Financial Behaviors Teaching Guide
  • Template: Financial Personalities questionnaire
  • Template: Financial Education Report Card
  • Template: Assessing your financial behaviour
  • Template: Class Personalities
  • Exemplar: Jack’s Report Card