Hot Topic 11: Student Loans

The Hot Topics series includes 12 short units designed to improve students’ financial capability. Hot Topic 11 helps students understand New Zealand’s student loan system. Students will find out what a student loan can be used for, work out repayments for different scenarios and learn about other options for financing their tertiary studies.

Student learning

Through this unit, students will:

  • Understand what an unsecured loan is
  • Learn about loan repayments
  • Be able to make an informed financial decision.

Curriculum links

Personal Financial Management is a fundamental part of a young person’s education. The Hot Topics series is designed to support the development of the key competencies. The series also has links to the Social Sciences and Mathematics and Statistics learning areas.

Hot Topic 11: Student Loans

  • Year 10-12
  • 4-8 hrs
  • Mathematics and Statistics
    Social Sciences
  • Free to NZ schools
  • Led by teachers
Download overview

Students taking part will

  • Learn about the requirements for a student loan and what you can use a student loan for
  • Understand the scale of student loan debt in New Zealand
  • Calculate student loan repayments for 2 different scenarios.

Download includes:

  • Activity: Student Loans Workbook