Jack’s Story is a short financial education lesson which can be delivered in only 1 hour. The lesson teaches primary students about earning, spending, saving and sharing. Students will meet Jack and learn how people can earn money in different ways. They will also create a wall display using the supplied templates and their own work.

Student learning

Through Jack’s Story, students will

  • Understand how family members belong to an economic group
  • Understand how people in family groups have roles and responsibilities.
  • Learn to recognise New Zealand notes and coins to the value of $20

Curriculum links

This lesson links to the Social Sciences and Mathematics and Statistics learning areas. It focuses on the development of financial capability, positioning students to make well-informed financial decisions through their lives.

Jack's Story

  • Year 1-4
  • 1 hour
  • Mathematics and Statistics
    Social Sciences
  • Free to NZ schools
  • Led by teachers
    Training Available
Download overview

Students taking part will

  • Learn about New Zealand notes and coins up to the value of $20
  • Read Jack’s story and discuss with the class
  • Create a Financial Vocabulary Wall
  • Complete one of two jigsaw puzzles 
  • Draw a picture that represents how money is earned and/or used in their household

Download includes:

  • Jack's Story Teaching Guide
  • Template: Specimen New Zealand Dollars and Coins
  • Template: Money images
  • Template: Jack’s Story
  • Activity: Coin jigsaw puzzle
  • Activity: Thrifty the Kiwi jigsaw puzzle