Making It Count: US 28100

This resource helps teachers deliver the Financial Capability Unit Standard 28100 ‘Develop a plan to achieve a long-term personal financial goal(s)’ (Level 3, 4 Credits). Students will learn about gathering information and thinking about the actions necessary to achieve long-term financial goals. You will study the factors that may affect the achievement of these goals in terms of an individual and their lifestyle. The requirements of a budget and the different types of budgets are presented and activities allow you to practice completing a budget and how to monitor and review them.

Curriculum links

Financial Capability is a core generic domain on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework. This unit of work also has links to the Social Sciences and Mathematics and Statistics learning areas. 


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Making It Count: US 28100

  • Year 11-13
  • 25-30 hrs
  • Mathematics and Statistics
    Social Sciences
    Level 3 Financial Capability Unit Standard
  • Free to NZ Schools
  • Led by teachers
    Training Available
Download overview

Students taking part will

  • How to set financial goals 
  • Develop short, medium and long-term SMART goals 
  • Define what a budget is and its value 
  • Learn budgeting terms 
  • Complete various weekly and monthly expenditure conversions 
  • Learn about cash-flow 
  • Complete a budget 
  • Research insurance policies 
  • Develop a long-term plan 
  • Complete a practice assessment


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Download includes:

  • Using Financial Capability Unit Standards
  • Activity: 28100 Interactive Student Workbook
  • Helpful information