Pick Up & Go 2: Overnight Camp

The Pick Up & Go collection was designed to integrate cross-curricular learning around regular school events. Pick Up & Go 2 focuses on Overnight Camps. This resource helps you involve students in the planning, implementation and evaluation of an overnight camp. It can also be modified to suit day trips or end of year celebrations.

Student learning

Through Pick Up & Go 2: Overnight Camp, students will

  • Learn about different outdoor camping experiences, and work together to choose a venue for the camp
  • Make decisions on camp logistics including camp activities, menus, budget, team lists and overall camp goals
  • Reflect and evaluate the camp itself and their work in planning and organising it.

Curriculum links

The Pick Up & Go collection provides practical and hands-­on learning activities that develop enterprise and financial capability. The activities integrate with multiple learning areas including literacy, numeracy, social sciences and technology; and helps students engage with the vision and principles of the curriculum and develop their key competencies.

Pick Up & Go 2: Overnight Camp

  • Year 1-4
  • 6-10 weeks
  • English
    Health and Physical Education
    Mathematics and Statistics
    Social Sciences
  • Free to NZ schools
  • Led by teachers
    Training Available
Download overview

Students taking part will

  • Identify and explain the differences between different outdoor camping experiences.
  • Research options and decide on a venue for the class camp.
  • Decide which activities will be offered at the overnight camp.
  • Create a camp budget.
  • Use a decision-­making tool to decide on the overnight camp menu.
  • Investigate possible food suppliers and update the camp budget.
  • Decide on the best ways to pay the camp costs.
  • Design and implement funding plan.
  • Decide on and write permission documentation.
  • Organise activities, sleeping and duties groups for camp.
  • Create a personal gear list.
  • Develop camp goals and rules.
  • Reflect on and evaluate the class camp.

Download includes:

  • PUAG 2: Teaching Guide
  • Template: Camp Budget
  • Template: Camp - compare and contrast (3 options)
  • Template: Camp Suitcase
  • Template: Duties Roster
  • Template: Camp - compare and contrast (2 options)
  • Template: Y-Chart
  • Template: Camp Timetable
  • Template: Profit and Loss
  • Template: Food Budget
  • Template: Decision-making Grid