Pick Up & Go 3: School Gardens

The Pick Up & Go collection was designed to integrate cross-curricular learning around regular school events. Pick Up & Go 3 focuses on School Gardens. This resource will help you wrap literacy, numeracy, science and social science around your school garden project. The resource pack contains nine focus activities and templates for teachers and students.

Student learning

Through Pick Up & Go 3: School Gardens, students will

  • Choose where to create the garden and what kind of plants to include
  • Discover the resources needed to create a garden, and the costs of those resources.
  • Use garden produce to create and sell products

Curriculum links

The Pick Up & Go collection provides practical and hands-­on learning activities that develop enterprise and financial capability. The activities integrate multiple learning areas including literacy, numeracy, social sciences and technology; and helps students engage with the vision and principles of the curriculum and develop their key competencies.

Pick Up & Go 3: School Gardens

  • Year 1-8
  • 6-10 weeks
  • English
    Mathematics and Statistics
    Social Sciences
  • Free to NZ schools
  • Led by teachers
    Training Available
Download overview

Students taking part will

  • Explore the benefits and potential of different types of plants.

  • Decide on the most suitable location to grow plants.

  • Research the best crops to grow.

  • Decide what resources will be needed to create a garden.

  • Source and cost the resources needed for the garden

  • Build, plant and maintain the garden.

  • Research options for marketing and selling produce from the garden.

  • Prepare, package and sell garden produce.

  • Reflect on and evaluate the garden project.

Download includes:

  • PUAG 3: Teaching Guide
  • Template: School garden - compare and contrast (3 options)
  • Template: Decision-making Grid
  • Template: School garden - compare and contrast (2 options)
  • Template: Gardens Budget
  • Template: Marketing Plan
  • Template: True Colours Personality Quiz
  • Template: P.M.I
  • Template: Financial Report
  • Template: Design Brief
  • Template: SWOT analysis
  • Template: Research Ideas
  • Template: Maintenance Roster
  • Template: Pricing Form