Pick Up & Go 4: School Performance

The Pick Up & Go collection was designed to integrate cross-curricular learning around regular school events. Pick Up & Go 4 helps you involve students in the planning, implementation and evaluation of small performance activities such as a Grandparents Concert. It can also be used for large events such as a full school production or concert.

Student learning

Through Pick Up & Go 4, students will:

  • Learn about the different requirements of holding a school performance 
  • Manage all aspects of the school performance with support from teachers and family
  • Review their performance as managers of the event

Curriculum links

The Pick Up & Go collection provides practical and hands-on learning activities that develop enterprise and financial capability. The activities integrate with multiple learning areas including literacy, numeracy, the arts, social sciences and technology; and helps students engage with the vision and principles of the curriculum and develop their key competencies.

Pick Up & Go 4: School Performance

  • Year 3-8
  • 1 term
  • English
    Mathematics and Statistics
    The Arts
    Social Sciences
  • Free to NZ schools
  • Led by teachers
    Training Available
Download overview

Students taking part will

  • Choose how to promote the school performance
  • Organise ticketing
  • Create a programme for the event
  • Design and/or organise costumes and makeup
  • Decide what refreshments can be sold at the event
  • Design and/or organise any set(s) needed
  • Plan and arrange to capture images or video from the event
  • Support other students working on the school performance.

Download includes:

  • PUAG 4: Teaching Guide
  • Template: Summary Financial Report
  • Template: Purchase Planning
  • Template: Character Profile
  • Template: Performance Timeline
  • Template: Costume Sourcing
  • Template: Ticket Sales Record
  • Template: Performance Advertising Survey
  • Template: Financial Report
  • Template: Compare and Contrast (2 options)
  • Template: Marketing Plan
  • Template: Performance P.M.I
  • Template: Programme Timeline
  • Template: Compare and Contrast (3 options)
  • Template: Six Thinking Hats
  • Template: Pricing-Projected Profit Analysis
  • Template: Set Design Storyboard
  • Template: Set Design Planning
  • Template: Makeup Planning
  • Template: Performance Budget