Rangatahi Business Challenge

The Rangatahi Business Challenge is a fun, interactive and immersive 3-day introduction to business andenterprise for Year 9 – 11 tauira Māori.

The programme aims to encourage rangatahi to learn about business and enterprise, develop work-ready skills, and connect with local Māori entrepreneurs who are sharing their talents, passion and skills across Aotearoa and the world.

In order to achieve the above we may decide to select a general theme for the event such as the Taiao or environment around us, which can be interpreted as the natural environment (land, waterways, forestry) or the city/town around rangatahi.




Student learning

At a Rangatahi Business Challenge students:

  • develop work-ready skills
  • learn about enterprise and business
  • connect with local Māori entrepreneurs
  •  develop entrepreneurial skills and attitudes
  •  connect with their local business community


To sign up for Rangatahi Business Challenge series, or for more information, please contact ian.musson@youngenterprise.org.nz

Rangatahi Business Challenge

  • Year 9-11
  • 3 days
  • --
  • Free to NZ Schools
  • Facilitated by Young Enterprise
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"It was cool hearing how a lot of Māori business people found something they loved and decided to make it their life" Student