To Analyse Personal Income: US 28092

This resource helps teachers deliver the Financial Capability Unit Standard 28092 ‘Analyse the effect of significant life events at different life stages on personal financial income’ (Level 2, Credits 3). Students will learn about different life stages and the impact of events in people’s lives and how this affects their ability to secure an income, earned or unearned.

Curriculum links

Financial Capability is a core generic domain on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework. This unit of work also has links to the Social Sciences and Mathematics and Statistics learning areas. 


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To Analyse Personal Income: US 28092

  • Year 11-13
  • 25-30 hrs
  • Mathematics and Statistics
    Social Sciences
    Level 2 Financial Capability Unit Standard
  • Free to NZ Teachers
  • Led by teachers
    Training Available
Download overview

Students taking part will

  • Investigate sources of income for different life stages 
  • Research various jobs and types of payment 
  • Calculate interest earned on savings 
  • Research dividends paid on shares 
  • Calculate income from other investments 
  • Investigate how life events affect personal income 
  • Complete a practice assessment


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Download includes:

  • Using Financial Capability Unit Standards
  • Activity: 28092 Interactive Student Workbook
  • Helpful information