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Pick Up & Go 2: Overnight Camp

This resource shows you how to actively involve students in the planning, implementation and evaluation of an overnight camp. It is part of the Pick Up & Go collection, which is designed to integrate cross-­curricular learning around key school events.

  • Year 1-4
  • 6-10 weeks
  • Cross-curricular
  • Free to NZ schools

Enterprising Storybook 6: The Princess and the Pizza

In this Enterprising Story and follow-up activities, students learn about the differences between needs and wants and use critical thinking to assess their enterprising ideas. Link in De Bono's Six Thinking Hats and even organise your own enterprising pizza lunch for your class! 

  • Year 3-8
  • 1-5 hrs
  • Cross-curricular
  • Free to NZ Schools

Junior Enterprise Challenge

Introduces your primary and intermediate students to enterprise and finance with the Junior Enterprise Challenge. Teams create products and services which are sold at a market day.

  • Year 5-8
  • 4 days
  • Cross-curricular
  • Free to NZ schools

Hot Topic 5: Borrowing

This unit helps students learn about the different types of loans and borrowing options available today. Students will look at fixed and floating interest rates, and use a case study to look at the costs of buying a vehicle. 

  • Year 10-12
  • 4-8 hrs
  • Cross-curricular
  • Free to NZ schools

How Can We Value Money

This one-hour financial education lesson helps students learn to make financially responsible decisions. They will also discuss what we mean by the phrase ‘value for money’, and learn about key concepts such as goods, services, choices and substitutes.

  • Year 3-4
  • 1 hour
  • Cross-curricular
  • Free to NZ schools

Insurance Products: US 28096

Demonstrate understanding of insurance products for personal financial capability.
Version 2 | Level 2, Credits 3

  • Year 11-13
  • 25-30 hrs
  • Cross-curricular
  • Free to NZ schools