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Apr 14, 2016

Al-Madinah School students enter The Lion Foundation Young Enterprise scheme

If you've ever wondered how to untangle those annoying earphone chords, these students might have the answer.


Year 12 pupils at Al-Madinah School in Mangere are working on a business project for the Lion Foundation Young Enterprise scheme. It's the first time the Muslim school has entered.

The challenge is a programme where students set up and run a real business. Each team creates their own product or service and brings it to market.

Year 12 Al-Madinah Young Enterprise students demonstrate their product. Communications director Mahdiyyah Shafiq, left, marketing director Raniya Fatima, production director Tasneem Mujusshima and chief executive Sumaiya Dean.

Sixteen-year-olds Mahdiyyah Shafiq, Raniya Fatima, Tasneem Mujusshima​ and Sumaiya Dean​ call themselves Team Rewind. They're making earphone holders out of beads to help stop them getting tangled.

The idea came from an every-day frustration, they say.

"Teenagers use their earphones all the time and they always get tangled ... It was a hassle for us to untangle them, it really gets to us. Even before we actually used the product I had my earphones tangled."

The girls need to survey potential consumers, set up shop and figure out how to make it successful. 

They've come up with a bunch of designs but that's just the beginning. 

The biggest challenge for them so far is finding time to work on the project because it's not part of their curriculum. But they say it's made easier with help from business mentor Jacqueline Brasfield and supervising teacher Zabina Khan.

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