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May 29, 2019

Argentina Business Beckons

Even when Justyce Toeke was in primary school, she could sell cookies and cakes to the most determined dieters at fundraisers. The Queen's High School pupil's business acumen is so strong, New Zealand's Young Enterprise Trust has noticed her negotiation skills in dragon's den-type environments, and now they are sending the 17-year-old to Buenos Aires, to develop those talents.

Justyce Argentina

Justyce is one of eight New Zealand pupils selected for the nine-day trip, from more than 100 applications, based on their passion for business, interest in learning about other cultures and developing their confidence and global perspective.

She applied for the Argentinian trip by submitting a 90-second video clip, explaining why she wanted to go on the trip, how it would change her life and her future studies.

She also had to describe how it would benefit her school's Young Enterprise group, of which she is the production manager.

"I really like experiencing new cultures and going outside my comfort zone.

"I'm really looking forward to seeing how their communities work.''

The Latin America Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence has worked with Young Enterprise New Zealand to create a business challenge, which aims to expose young New Zealand pupils to the opportunities in the hub of businesses in Latin America.

Justyce said some of the most exciting elements of the trip included site visits to established companies and start-ups, meeting local entrepreneurs, and those involved in some of our trade relationships.

She was also excited about being partnered with Argentinian pupils to complete a business challenge, which would provide an opportunity to understand the trade environment and spend time with like-minded peers.