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Jul 30, 2019

Argentina Reflection - Jordie Campbell


Receiving a call from Jess was encouraging and unexpected, finding out only then that I was chosen to go to Argentina. It was an opportunity that I knew would have an influence over my future and the career I wanted to pursue. With this I would have more insight on what business and cross cultural relations are really all about. We were sent all the leaflets and information about the trip, but even the most comprehensive information couldn’t prepare me for the crazy and enriching experience Argentina would be.

Meeting up at the airport with the other students and Jess was an absolute pleasure, it felt like I was meeting up with friends I’d known for years. The energy was unbelievable and the briefing from Jess and Colin really set the scene for an eye-opening experience for us. I hadn’t expected to get along so well with everyone and am really happy I did, as I have come away with lifelong friends.

We met in Buenos Aires with four Argentine students, great reps from LACAPE and other engaging people, especially Lucy. They were so warm and welcoming towards us as a foreign team into their country, one of the first signs we were in a very relational culture. I loved learning about the politics and history of Argentina, the students all had an in depth understanding of these areas. It has made me want to pursue more insights into how different societies function and the effect we can have on them. The conversations were thought provoking and created a space for me to express my own views and perspectives.

Throughout the week we visited nine companies. Each company was relevant to the YES alumni companies we were creating the market entry strategy for. The meetings were insightful and I learnt even more about the informal relational culture of Argentina, similar to that of the rest of Latin America. All the people representing these businesses had such unique journeys into business and I learnt that in this line of work people must be the initiators of their own futures. These visits made me excited for the future and the amount of opportunities in business, and have really had an impact on my future.

We were in our final day of the business challenge and the pressure was on. We had to correlate all the information and perspectives into the pitch for our companies. The process taught me a lot about how much effort is required in order to complete anything to a high standard. I also saw how much I personally and in a team could get completed when I put my mind to a certain task. The presenting of our companies was great fun and the conversations afterwards helped me so much in understanding more about the journeys successful people have had to embark on in order to get to where they are today. This taught me how important networking is and why making connections is crucial to business. I want to broaden my own network, and I have learnt how to effectively do so while in Argentina

This trip will have a lasting impact on my life. I have met people who are like minded, motivated and inspiring, this has truly left an impression on me. I have an open mind going into university and the ability to reflect on the amazing opportunity this trip has been. This trip has changed the direction I am taking in life directly and shown me my strengths in the field of business and management. Upon reflection since coming back, I really am fortunate to have received this opportunity and will forever be grateful to the Young Enterprise Scheme and the many supporters along the way.