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Jul 31, 2019

Argentina Reflection - Mazzaine Tahana


At first, I was so nervous and scared to be leaving New Zealand with people I didn't know,

Thank God for Facebook because I got to know a lot of my friends and peers really well beforehand and that really helped because at least we weren't complete strangers. Thinking back and being back in New Zealand I miss Argentina and all the people like crazy. Feeling so sad. My highlights of the trip were by far all the people I met, like yes we were in a foreign country and it is cool and all but the people I met were the best thing about it. We had worked and hung out with four talented, amazing, smart Argentinian students, who sort of went through the same process as us. Gonzalo, Karo, Nicolas, Julia really welcomed us with love and support and that made this trip amazing. The letdown of the trip was nothing, one slight thing though is how jet-lagged all of us were and we kept being sleepy. The time difference for yah. I was stunned by all the similarities between Argentina and New Zealand. Cultural wise and Economy. I learned so much at every company, ways to bring companies into Argentina and how sustainable they would be. Although most of us kept feeling sleepy we pulled through and got the job done. My team was stressing so bad but I jumped up on the stage and laughed and had a smile because we are in Argentina lets create an impact for everyone like they have done for us.

I personally have to thank Colin and Jessica for being the best mentors and leaders out. Without Colin's pushup technique we would all be late and without Jessica's MedKit, I know myself and others would have suffered from feeling sleepy, sick and tired. The food was amazing, so so yummy, I love how we had to walk everywhere (Not). The nightlife in Argentina was amazing, It was so cool seeing people play futbol at midnight and experiencing everyone sits in the park. The business challenge that was given to us was challenging but great because now I know how to create a market entry strategy in other countries especially Argentina. When we did the Haka and Waiata to all the Americans and Argentinians to say thanks I personally was so proud of everyone for expressing their culture to parts of the world including me. We were quite open to show who we are and our culture which I hope made an impact on them.

The tour was so amazing although I felt sick I was still so interested in the culture of Argentina. My top favorite was by far the Cemetary (Recoleta) the stories that the tour guide had given us intrigued me and I was so fascinated. I wish we had more time to be a tourist but like Colin said this isn't a holiday!! Overall I am so grateful for this trip. It really is an opportunity of a lifetime. I really miss everyone and want to go back right now :). Thank you Latamcape and young enterprise for this. It really did change my life and my perspective on things in life. Helps me want to strive in the future and complete my schooling just so I can start more business meetings and be successful. Once again Thank you Colin and Jessica :)