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Jul 31, 2017

Auckland Food Show: Big Food Trends 2017/2018

YES Team OLelei, rated number one in food show trends at the Auckland Food Show.


Our YES team OLelei has been rated one of Auckland's food shows top trends. 


Your current foodie obsessions may be kimchi burgers, kombucha and doughnuts pumped full of glittered cream, but once you're over those, what will you be eating - and Instagramming - next?

We checked out the annual Auckland Food Show for a taste of the next big things in food and dining.

From wild turmeric juice to Al Brown's new fresh fish daily delivery service, here are our top picks for what's going to be fashionable on the food scene.


The trend of ditching processed food in favour of healthy whole foods has been on the rise for a while. And as you can see from these new products, it's showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.


 Almond milk ice cream and yoghurt

In 2015 Olelei, was created by a group of students from a Young Enterprise Scheme at Henderson High School.

The group have now turned their range of almond milk ice cream and yoghurts into a full fledged company. This year they've refined their range by releasing their own almond milk and flour.

We reckon these youngsters are on to something that's set to continue to rise this year.


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