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Jun 15, 2017

Auckland teens develop natural skin-care product to battle acne

Acne is an issue most young adults struggle with, but, according to Will Cole, many don't do anything about it because it's too hard.


So the 16-year-old, along with two friends created an easy solution.

Josef Morgan, Max Lawton, and Will have created a business which sells a manuka oil-based facial spray, as part of the Young Enterprise Scheme, a competition which sees students from around the country develop a business.

Clearfree was started in March and, while it just sells the spray at this moment, they hope to expand with other natural skin products.

"It's solving a problem our age group experiences and a lot of people feel unsure about the use of chemicals on their faces," Will said.

"A lot of people feel really insecure, but some don't see an alternative they agree with," Josef explained.

So the group, from Rangitoto College, made several prototypes using a combination of manuka oil, manuka oil hydrosol and manuka oil concentrate, until they found one that worked by putting it to the test on 30 trial participants.

"It appeared to have an effect within about a week," said Will.

The trio had big dreams for their brand with hopes of creating more products further down the line and expanding internationally where there is a demand for manuka-based products.


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