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Oct 13, 2019

Chile Reflection - Christina Lamb

christina 2

Over the past seven days in Chile, I have learnt so much about the culture and the Chilean way of doing business from the jam-packed week of business meetings and activities. Businesses in Chile focus on having a relaxed and social working environment where they have longer working hours but get more done whilst enjoying the company of their co-workers. This is something that I think New Zealand could be better at as we tend to focus on just getting our job done then going home rather than having those social connections with our co-workers.  


After a few days of business visits, I quickly realised just how much Chilean people value their relationship with New Zealanders and how much they appreciate our entrepreneurship and innovation. Going to Chile I did not expect for this to be a very entrepreneurial country but after learning about the ease of doing business, their fast-growing economy as well as all the businesses they have for helping startups, it has completely changed my view on Chile and I know think it would be a great country to do business in especially for New Zealanders.  


I really enjoyed the aspect of learning about the Chilean culture by talking to the Chilean students as well as doing the walking tours, visiting the markets and historic buildings and just being surrounded by people going by their everyday lives. The highlight of my trip was definitely going to Valparaiso and seeing the Chilean way of living outside of Santiago as well as learning about the history of the city and its beautiful street art. I personally loved the visit to Winebox hotel because it was awesome to hear the point of view from a New Zealander who has faced many challenges in being a foreign business owner as well as the things he has accomplished in a short amount of time.  


This trip has truly been amazing and has given me knowledge about the local culture and an insight into the global entrepreneurship as well as skills which I will be able to apply to my future studies and career.