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Oct 11, 2019

Chile Reflection - Eddie Hogan


Over the trip, I feel my cultural knowledge of the region and really just the world in general. Before leaving I had very little knowledge about Chile in any aspect. Furthermore, I had never studied the business culture of a certain country. This is some of the main value I derived from the week. The presentation from Chile Pacific Foundation gave me a really deep understanding of the country from an economic perspective. I have never had such an understanding of a foreign country’s economy before the trip. This gave me valuable insight about each business later in the week. I found Soprole and the Winebox hotel really interesting as they were Chilean versions of NZ companies/run by New Zealanders. This was interesting as it showed the nuances and differences between NZ and Chilean business. I also found the really innovative businesses like NotCo, I2B and TriCiclos really inspiring as they were all doing something that I’d never thought of and/or impossible. Seeing a company like Rappi was really interesting because it was an example of something that isn’t possible in a market like NZ. I also liked talking to the students at Incuba as they were the next step in advance to Young Enterprise so I found that interesting as seeing what is possible. Through all of these visits, I’ve seen so many potential opportunities and made many valuable connections. A big aspect of the trip for me was talking to the Chilean students as they, along with being in the country itself, helped to give me a cultural understanding that I don't think is possible to get in any other way. As cliche as it sounds being able to grow my cultural understanding has given me a new perspective on my own life back home in both business and life.