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Oct 14, 2019

Chile Reflection - Maia Baron

Maia 2

Similar to entering a new market, entering a new country is very much the same. Walking blindly into a trip with a new team and new challenge was one thing, but to leave with an insight of the business world on a global context, friends in another continent and a beginning into the culture and language of a Latin American country was more than I could have ever imagined. The technology advances in a less developed country was amazing to learn about. To hear about technology such as Giuseppe, an AI machine that analyses molecular structures to create unique food combinations derived only from plant-based ingredients, would allow for huge advances in the food technology industry if used on a global industrial scale. A particular highlight was talking to ​Grant Phelps, the owner and creator of Winebox Valparaiso. He shared with us the many challenges of being a New Zealander creating a new business in Chile. Many of the issues that arose were caused by people in power and the laws around property-owning, which greatly delayed the time taken to get Winebox up and running. But with perseverance and ambition it is now a highly successful business. One important factor of doing business in another country is to understand cultural differences, this is apparent with the subsidiary between Soprole and Fonterra. Although Fonterra owns Soprole, Fonterra understands that Soprole is a respected brand with a large market share in Chile and has benefitted by letting the company keep its name and way of doing business. Talking to the Chilean students was also amazing and gaining an insight of what their day to day life is like in Chile. After a few days of getting to know them it changed my perception of what I thought living in Chile was like. Overall I have learnt that connections and relationships are just as crucial as knowledge and experience in business. I am beyond grateful for the experience provided through LatAm CAPE and the Young Enterprise Scheme to do business in another country.