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Oct 15, 2019

Chile Reflection - Savannah Bakker


Throughout this trip I have learnt and gained so much experience that will not only help me in Business, but in my personal life. As the youngest student, being able to be present on the Chile trip was amazing. Being around older peers has helped me grow and learn more about what I can expect in the coming years of NCEA.

The company visits were interesting and displayed the importance of connections in a business relationship between Latin America and New Zealand. NotCo was my highlight company visit as they were producing new and unique products that have the potential to change the dairy industry. I also found it amazing how NotCo can use technology and scientific algorithms to formulate the perfect balance of compounds to replicate a dairy product.

Another company visit highlight was the Winebox hotel. Us students found this visit particularly interesting as the owner was from New Zealand. We were also told the challenges of moving into the Latin American Market with honesty.
My favourite part of the trip was meeting and creating friendships with the Chile students who joined us. It was interesting to compare and contrast our different lifestyles and learn about the Chilean culture. Having these students join us made the experience more valuable and interesting.

I am once again very thankful to have earned the opportunity to participate. Thank you to the Young Enterprise Scheme and LatamCape for an experience I will never forget.