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Jul 20, 2021

Dunedin high school pupils invent finger-saving wedge with an edge

A doorstop made of 100% recycled materials will soon be available at Mitre 10 Dunedin thanks to the creativity of some local high school pupils.

eight col woolly wedge 1

The high number of people, especially small children, who slam their fingers in doors is "out of this world", says Kavanagh College agribusiness pupil and Under the Door Enterprises chief executive Hayley Anderson.

The Woolly Wedge is a sustainable Kiwi-made solution, she tells Jesse Mulligan.

"It's a great way to stop that visit to the ER with sore, swollen fingers."

The Woolly Wedge is a double-sided doorstop with one side covered in NZ wool (from carpet offcuts), the other side covered in rubber (from old bike tubes) and a recycled wood offcut creating a wedge shape between them.

Hayley and other Kavanagh College pupils designed the Woolly Wedge for the Young Enterprise competition, partly because their classroom's "normal wood doorstop" just wouldn't stay in place, Hayley says.

The group realised a carpet-covered doorstop would "create a little bit of friction".

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