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Jul 27, 2021

Exceptional Northlander continues success story with new award

Ezekiel (Zeek) Raui is a name to remember because if everything goes to plan, he will become Prime Minister one day.


With his latest award the 23-year old social entrepreneur from the Far North is perhaps one step closer to his goal.

Last week, the Young Enterprise Trust celebrated its alumni and the achievements of an estimated 100,000 students who have completed the programme – including Raui, who was named Cultural Leader of the Year and Supreme Alumni of the Year.

He was also a runner-up for Contributor of the Year.

"I didn't know I was nominated. Someone did it anonymously, so it was a nice surprise when I found out," Raui said.

This was the first time the Alumni Awards had been celebrated as its own event.

Jessikah Cresswell, alumni programme manager at Young Enterprise, said the evening was a great success and celebrated the passion and talent of New Zealand's leading young entrepreneurs.

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