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Aug 29, 2016

Expensive Olympic lesson for four HVHS students raising money for charity

Four students have learned a valuable business lesson - do your homework before spending your money.

29 08 2016

The Hutt Valley High School students – Bonnie Jansen, Matt Chin, Arianna Valentine and Olivia Paulin – entered the Young Enterprise Scheme with what they thought was a good idea.

Piggy backing off the Olympics, they came up with Go for Gold to raise money of the children's ward at Hutt Hospital.

Using chocolates from Petone gourmet company Chocolate Story, the idea was to sell 100 boxes of chocolates at $14 each. Three gold-wrapped boxes would win their lucky buyers a silver ring from Partridge Jewellers.

That was where spokesperson Bonnie Jansen said they went slightly wrong.

"We had the Olympic rings on the packaging and we thought we had better check they could use them before we started selling. They came back and said 'no' so we had a wee slip up there."

Having spent $200 on packaging, Bonnie said it was an expensive but valuable lesson.

Luckily, they were able to start again and although the loss will cut into their profits, they still hope to raise about $500.

The good news is that they only have about 20 boxes to sell and only one of the three prizes has been claimed. That represents  a good chance of winning a prize.


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Article by Nicholas Boyack - Stuff