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Jul 26, 2018

Freyberg High School students bring Pio the Whio to life

YES company Thirteen7 from Freyberg High School in Palmerston North have created a children's story book aimed at educating young children about the environment.


A group of Freyberg High School students has created a book to educate children about the environment.

The seven year-13 students created Pio the Whio as part of their young enterprise scheme.

The group consisted of students Dana Purdy, 18, Kellie Gosper​, 17, Tasha​ Picking, 17, Minnika​ Lawton-Rei, 17, Jack Todd, 17, Rose Hyde, 17, and Anna Fairweather, 17.

As part of the scheme they had to create a product with a community focus. They wanted to focus on the environment because it was so topical.

They had the illustrations done by someone else, but the students wrote the story themselves.

"We all sat down as a group and wanted to create a product for kids and educational purposes about the environment," Gosper said.

​Lawton-Rei said they originally wanted to do a colouring book, but decided on a children's book.


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