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Jul 20, 2021

From selling roadside lemonade to running computer business

Palmerston North teen Ryan Clark has become an entrepreneur at a young age.


Ryan, 15, built his first computer when he was 12 with the help of a YouTube video. Now 15, he has built more than 100 PCs and his part-time business is proving fruitful.

Ryan is a student at Cornerstone Christian School and is part of UCOL’s U-Skills young enterprise scheme, where he has been working on taking his business, Volta Tech, to the next level.

In July 2020 he started to ramp up the building work and now works on multiple computers at a time.

“I've always liked business and entrepreneur stuff, in a way, from 6 years old. I was selling lemonade on the side of the road and door-to-door chocolates. I just enjoy myself.”

In the last financial year he had $59,000 in sales and in the past two months $75,000.

The first computer he built took him three days, but he has honed his skills and it is down to a matter of hours now.

“I like building them and troubleshooting.”

He buys the items needed wholesale in bulk and has a couple of friends who work as contactors to help with the building work.

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