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May 31, 2021

Helping hand for South’s start-ups

Peter Ramsay knows how hard it is to find investment for start-up businesses. In his new role as network manager for the Mainland Angel Investor Collective, he has set out to make it easier for businesses to find capital in the South. Riley Kennedy reports.

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"I was always trying to hustle some cash somehow or somewhere."

Peter Ramsay’s entrepreneurial spirit was evident at a young age.

As a boy growing up in Wellington, he went door-to-door trying to convince his neighbours to buy random stuff he had made.

Having dyslexia made it tough for Mr Ramsay to learn in a big classroom, which caused him to "hate school".

However, the condition helped him to focus his studies on something he was passionate about — entrepreneurship.

His first real dabble in the entrepreneurial world was the Young Enterprise Scheme (YES), a programme run for secondary school pupils to create their own businesses.

His YES group created a coloured roll-on surfboard wax, similar to deodorant.

"Having it as a roll-on form made it much easier to apply and people could make art on the bottom of their surfboard."

The group was a regional finalist but Mr Ramsay and another member decided not to take the business any further and sold out.

"New Year’s was coming up and I needed a bit of money," he said, laughing.

The last member left went on to sell the product to surf and clothing company Billabong for an undisclosed sum.

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