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Jul 05, 2018

High school students launch ‘LunchBuckz’

Pukekohe High School YES team LunchBuckz have created a rechargable card for intermediate aged students to use at school canteens.

Lunch Bucks

A group of Year 13 students from Pukekohe High School have developed ‘LunchBuckz,’ a business formed as part of the Young Enterprise Scheme.

 Team members Megan Taggart, Rebekah Farmer, Nicole Kawondera and Shontelle Pithie have created a card for intermediate aged children to use at their school canteen. “It’s basically like an EFTOPS card for school canteens only, that parents can top up whenever they want, online or pre-paid, and monitor the use of,” the group explained.

The project is part of the Young Enterprise Scheme, where high school aged students build and run a business. There are three major tasks and the group won Task One for South Auckland. The group is competing with about seven groups in their school, as well as schools nationwide, with money and scholarships some of the prizes on offer. The girls believe it’s a great opportunity and an insight of what they can expect in the future and going forward. “Hopefully we can inspire other young women to get into business!”

One of the group members is from England and another is from Scotland and this system is used in those countries so the girls wanted to introduce it to New Zealand. “No-one really has or uses cash anymore and kids don’t know how to handle money well so we’re just identifying common problems and finding solutions to them really!” the girls said.

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