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Sep 16, 2016

A group of Auckland girls have brewed up an environmentally friendly facial scrub.

The students from Auckland Girls Grammar dreamt up No Scrub, as part of the Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme's national competition.


"We all noticed that there was increase in the prevalence of women's image being scrutinised within social media, and that women find confidence by using pamper products," managing director Huma Shehzad says.


No Scrub, made by Auckland Girls Grammar School students.

They wanted to create a product that would give confidence to young women but also wasn't harmful to the environment, she says.

It took the girls a few months and a lot of trial-and-error to establish the perfect recipe to scrub, but it's been successful.

"We first researched ingredients and the benefits to the skin, and then calculated the costs involved."

No Scrub has no mircobeads and is made up only of natural ingredients.

No Scrub has no mircobeads and is made up only of natural ingredients.

They developed a prototype and provided feedback on improving the consistency and scent.

"We tested the life of the product in the shower and how our natural ingredients will be affected by moisture and steam from the shower," Shehzad says.

No Scrub is made up of only natural ingredients, coffee beans, coconut oil, brown sugar and vanilla essence.


Shehzad says all the ingredients contribute to improving the appearance of skin including making it smooth and bright, enhancing circulation, moisturising and using anti-ageing properties.

"As we wanted our product to act as an exfoliator, we opted for natural ingredients such as recycled ground coffee beans and brown sugar which have the same exfoliating effect as microbeads, but is not detrimental to the environment."


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