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Jul 14, 2017

Manurewa boys build marae-style doll house

Students of Manurewa High are getting creative with their business ideas for this year's Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) competition. Dakota Moreau, Kayle Poinga, Carlos Tuala, Keith Fata and Korinito Seuala wanted to educate the next generation about their traditions, "not only Maori but also other cultures".

Manurewa YES Entry

So the Year 13 pupils came up with an idea of a marae-style doll house. Their company is called Nesian Customs.

"Kids like to play with doll houses so we incorporated our traditional side and turned them into maraes," Kayle says.

"We want to teach the younger generations our traditions and customs. Our generation is slowly losing its identity and hopefully, we can solve that with this."

Carlos says her enjoys storytelling and the myths and legends that are part of his culture.

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