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Sep 12, 2016

New App tackles those pesky deadlines

Wondering when that next assignment is due? The answer is now literally in the palm of your hand.

macleans app

A trio of Macleans College students have come up with an app designed to help students manage their classes and assignments.

Developed as part of the Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme by Year 13 students Kerman Kohli (18) and his teammates Andreas Knapp (18) and Keerthana Ananth (17), the app makes it impossible for students to lose track of assignment deadlines.

As Kerman elaborates, the app includes a “calendar with all your homework tasks and your timetable”.

The app can also give students alerts about their next class and which room it is in. The app even allows students to their teachers’ details.

The app was launched in February of this year, and is available for both Android and iOS devices.

“We have about 4000-5000 monthly active users all around the world. I think about 30 per cent are in Japan,” Kerman says.

Available in eight languages, the basic app is free, with additional features available for an annual fee.

The app is an expansion of the Homework App, an app Kerman created when he was 14 to keep track of his assignment deadlines.

That early app made waves overseas, and was featured in the online edition of Forbes Magazine.

Off its success, earlier this year Kerman won a scholarship from Apple that allowed him to attend the annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.

“This [new] app is basically making it into a platform so it’s available on multiple devices and it’s a much larger tool,” Kerman explains.

Kerman and his teammates are planning on adding more features, including a grade book.

After he finishes high school, Kerman will be going to Dubai to intern with an iOS developer, before going to university in the US.

You can find further information about the app at:


Article by Tim George, Times Live