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Jul 25, 2016

Enterprise in Action 2016

EIA attendee Dallas Kete from Matamata College recaps a crazy weekend!


Quoting Robyn Frey "Enterprise in Action weekend is YES on steroids"! It is a weekend full of learning opportunities, discovery of both your own skills and the diversity of the skills of others, and last but not least provides endless opportunities to network and build friendships.

I can personally guarantee that it will be one of the most intense, fun filled and action packed weekends you will ever experience! Not to mention that over the three day period you will discover a whole new side to YES. 

A main highlight for me was the team challenges,which prompted me to think outside of the square whilst working with others to develop a business and / or product to solve an issue we were presented with. Over the course of the weekend two challenges were presented which spanned over two days.

Another highlight was building relationships with other like-minded young people who all shared similar visions and ambitions to achieve common goals. In addition to these were the numerous opportunities to network with business leaders from all over New Zealand.

I was part of team HP, who were an absolute blast to work with and whom I would happily work with again in a heartbeat. By the end of the weekend we went from being team members to being good friends. We were lucky enough to have David Farquhar as our mentor, who was absolutely amazing to have. [His headquarters that we worked in on Sunday had outlooks of the viaduct, bight colourful work environments, a really nice coffee machine and the latest technology available to us.] He made our team feel at home as we worked on our challenge in his bright, colourful office space overlooking the beautiful Viaduct. We had the latest technology available to us which was truly appreciated, not to mention a fantastic coffee machine. 

By Monday morning I was running on adrenaline and coffee,with just enough energy left over to go for a ride on a ‘Mall Mate’ panda in Westfield Albany. All in all attending the ‘Enterprises in Action’ weekend was the most amazing opportunity, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who thinks they are up for the challenge!

- Written by Dallas Kete, Matamata College