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Oct 06, 2021

NZ × # SDGs Entrepreneurship Ideathon BizVenture

On three consecutive holidays from September 18th to 20th, 2021, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology "Tobitate! (ENZ) co-sponsored "NZ × # Sekaibu SDGs Start-up Ideason BizVenture Japan 2021" online.

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At this event, the Young Enterprise Trust (YES) and The North Asia Center of Asia-Pacific Excellence (a research institution established within the University of Auckland), which runs an entrepreneurship development program for middle and high school students in NZ. Through interactive workshops such as keynote speeches on SDGs from both NZ and Japan, lectures on how to make business plans, pitch techniques, sessions by experienced entrepreneurs, and cross-cultural exchange activities. We prepared for the final day of the pitch in a very limited time of two days while getting in touch with New Zealand's business and culture.

20 high school students are selected from both countries. Eight teams of 40 people are selected from the three themes of goals set forth in the SDGs, relative poverty of children, well-being of teens, and achievement of gender equality, and a business plan that contributes to the solution is designed. Presented to the judges in English. As a result of the final pitch, the winning teams were selected from both countries.

From Japan, [Team 4], who chose the theme of achieving gender equality, won the championship. Five high school students who met for the first time, who were aware of the problem of being 120th in the Gender Gap Index released by the World Economic Forum and the lowest among the G7 countries, considered a business plan for a solution from scratch. After many twists and turns, we proposed a new game app business that supports fathers who are actively engaged in housework and childcare, which is a social issue for Japanese working mothers.

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