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Jul 04, 2016

Young Kaikoura students full of great entrepreneurial ideas

Brains were stretched and ideas to make money came thick and fast in Kaikoura last week, as teams of entrepreneurial students pitched their best business ideas as Year 11 students at Kaikoura High School took part in the BP Business Challenge over three days.

03 07 2016

The BP Business Challenge saw teams come up with a business plan for a new product, including risk analysis and financial projections, which they then had to pitch to judges.

Teacher Gayle Cameron said the three-day course had been a great success.

"They all really stepped up to the challenge over the three days and came up with really great ideas in a  business plan.

"They also enjoyed getting real-life feedback about their plan from our local successful business entrepreneurs."

Local businesspeople were drafted in to act in a judging capacity. 

Product ideas to come out of the challenge included reversible phone cases which were solar powered and housed a speaker; a practice rugby or soccer ball on a bungee cord; and a high-definition camera system for landowners to find poachers or game.

But the winning efforts came from students who came up with "Gelly Straps" which work to absorb friction from backpacks, and the "Revolution Ecomotor", a generator which charges as you cycle.

Gelly Straps would be marketed to travellers and used the same technology as used by medical professionals to deal with bedsores, while the Ecomotor was promoted as a product for customers interested in clean energy alternatives.

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