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Jan 16, 2018

Latin America CAPEs Trip | Libby Parkes | Student Blog

In business you always must stay ahead of the game, do things fast, learn fast, fail fast and move on fast. Plan to be somewhere but make the most of the journey along the way because that’s what counts in the end. Take the experience and embrace it.

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Leaping into 2017 not knowing what to do, understanding it was my final year of high school and things are beginning to get rather serious. My interests have changed but my passions for sport and health have always stayed the same, so this was the path I was planning to take.
Speaking to many different people with so many views on the world lead me to take a stab in the dark and pick business studies as my 5th and final subject. My teacher once explained ‘if you want an opportunity you will take it, it will present itself, but it is your choice to chase it and make it happen’ and that’s where it all started.

I took the opportunity to spend a weekend in wellington learning about business, entrepreneurship and interesting people. This changed my view on everything and suddenly, my passions changed. Business, management and marketing was the path I now wanted to take. Any business opportunity that presented itself to me I took it with two hands and leaped at it. A trip travelling to another country while gaining knowledge and expressing my interests just seemed like a dream come true.

I was asked three questions, what have I learnt about business in Brazil? What Have I learnt about entrepreneurship? What have I learnt about myself? I don’t ever think a 1000-word blog or a 2-minute video would ever be enough to explain those three questions.

Brazil is the 2nd country in the world that has the most English schools and to learn English it is very expensive. The first business we visited was an English school for lower social-economic families, they gave me an understanding the way people can value the things they pay for and are motivated to go. Whereas things will be taken for granted if they are free. People like to be able to express what they do in the respect that they paid for it and can show that off. Parents can be proud they were able to send their kids to an English school this was only one business in Brazil however we learnt much more.
The most inspiring people we spoke to on the trip were the 5 entrepreneurs. They helped me understand that the future will always change, and you must seize that change, listen to what can be said because there is a story behind everything. In business you always must stay ahead of the game, do things fast, learn fast, fail fast and move on fast. Plan to be somewhere but make the most of the journey along the way because that’s what counts in the end. Take the experience and embrace it.
One of the entrepreneurs brought up ‘what is the meaning of success for you?’ success can be a range of different things it just depends how you judge it and measure it, whether its money, happiness etc. what I took from this is Your success is yours to make and it won’t just fall into your lap. 
No matter how much change we have history will always come through and reveal itself no matter how large it is, it is just a matter of what you do about it. 
AD instruments was a business that we visited however the headquarters are in New Zealand down in Otago. They have 12 offices around the world and have has 30 years of experience and is in 90 of 100 best universities in the world, it is a simple effective tool that helps educators in university record and analyse data quickly. Is was wicked to hear why they work out of New Zealand and what they do internationally. They work out of New Zealand because they believe we are trusted however almost mentioned that there are challenges that come with being a NZ company in Sao Paulo but they see our benefits.  

Entrepreneurship is one of the most incredible things, each and every entrepreneur is so unique and will approach every scenario differently, they each have their own ways of being inspirational and different people will make an impact on different things. We did a drill with cards, where we each had 10 cards and they asked us a question about entrepreneurship with these cards we had to choose one that had meaning in our eyes I had one that that expressed to me the keys to an open mind is where you can find success. But it was incredible sitting in a room with a bunch of young entrepreneurs seeing their take on their own cards but what others had to say about them as well and no one’s thoughts were the same, this to me shows diversity to every young person has and the importance of everyone’s opinions in a room, everyone has their own things to add. 

What I have learnt about myself is a question asked a lot and I don’t know if I will ever be able to answer it correctly, but this trip in particular opened my eyes to a world of difference. I saw the different views people have on business and just by looking at a simple card there is so much meaning. When we were asked this in Brazil people were talking about how lucky they are to live in a place like New Zealand because of safety etc. however that’s not what we have learnt about ourselves that’s just what we see but we still have problems in New Zealand just to different extremes.
I believe travelling is the best education. Seeing the world gives different perspectives and everyone has their own way of learning things. Brazil helped me understand what passions I have deep down and how much of an impact one person can have or a bunch of strangers can have. Not only did the trip itself have a massive impact on me it was the people as well, a bunch of 10 strangers coming together to become a family after a week. We all took different things out of the trip and for me it wasn’t only an experience it was an opportunity to see my future in other people’s ways and understanding their journey ready to create my own.