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Jul 12, 2016

Silicon Valley awaits young Auckland food-wrapping entrepreneur

YES student Zachary Monk won a place in Team New Zealand through the Young Enterprise Trust after starting up a food-wrapping business with Natalia Pearson and Lena Trnski.

12 07 2016


Beeswax and cotton has helped one young entrepreneur secure an inside look at the world's most successful companies.

Western Springs College student Zachary Monk will be jetting off to Silicon Valley in September with the Young Enterprise Trust.

Designing, developing and marketing an organic beeswax food wrap was just the first step to get him there.

The Enterprise in Action competition saw 80 students complete two challenges to win a place on the trip.

It produced some tense moments for Monk but it was the knowledge he gained through founding student-run company Wrap It Up that helped him secure the spot.

"It just teaches you things you wouldn't learn in the classroom, there's just so many aspects you have to think about," Monk says.

The company wants to rid their community of harmful plastic waste and think their biodegradable wrap is the answer.

"We melt beeswax over organic cotton wool which can be easily done in an oven," Monk says.

"We're all conscious of the need to be sustainable and we want to do something to contribute to that. Reducing plastic waste is a way of doing that.

"This is a sustainable option instead of plastic wrap."


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