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Feb 04, 2019

Singapore Reflection - Max Benter-Lynch

This trip gave me the opportunity to immerse myself in Singaporean culture


I've started comparing my trip to Singapore to the blossoming of a flower because it is such a strong simile and it was the Dixit card I drew.. If you haven't seen a timelapse of a flower blossom I highly recommend it, not only is it beautiful but it will make what I'm trying to say much easier. Watching the timelapse you'll see nothing really happens, then as if it's suddenly been reminded it's meant to grow, the flower blossoms out to its final form. A career in business has always been the path for me, that being said, I hadn't a clue what my future held.  Like a flower before it blossoms, I was somewhat aimless. But like the flower as it blossoms, the trip to Singapore opened up so many new doors for me that I wouldn't have had access to if I hadn't been asked to attend. We were given the opportunity to speak with some incredibly talented businessmen and women. Not only did they share their knowledge, but were kind enough to share their ideas on how to improve my business. Visiting Facebook was definitely the highlight for me. I had no idea Facebook helps startups gain traction on their platform by advising them how to reach consumers. Listening to the pitches of Entrepreneurs First participants was another highlight of my trip. Hearing entrepreneurs asking for investment on such young ideas amazed me a taught me people are ready to invest in an idea, not just a company. If you're looking to gain business knowledge, or even just grow your network, I couldn't recommend this trip enough. What sets it apart from just visiting Singapore in your free time is the established network we were given access to thanks to Southeast Asia CAPE. Visiting Singapore was about more than just business for me. This trip gave me the opportunity to immerse myself in Singaporean culture. Every day we experienced something new. We were taught the social differences in social etiquette between New Zealand and Singapore which I found fascinating. We tasted food that would never make the menu at home. Visiting Haji Lane was a magical experience, we wandered through bustling alleyways, finding hidden shops selling anything from carpets to Supreme watches. Colourful murals on the walls lit up the street as the sun set, live music created an atmosphere like no other. It was an experience like nothing else. I would like to extend a final thank to Young Enterprise and Sea Cape, for giving me a truly life changing experience. I was given the opportunity to blossom, something I'll never forget.