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Jun 07, 2016

Social media helps teenage money makers stand on their own feet

Young entrepreneurs are leading the way with creating their own businesses, and are finding their aptitude with social media acts as a big head start


For teenagers, or those in the murky not-yet-adult years of your early twenties, juggling class, friends, sports, and a handful of other commitments can be hard. And then there's work, because how are you going to fund everything else, right? 

A bunch of bright teens are finding there's a way to do the 'part time job' that doesn't equate to working the deep-fryer, or tucking somene else's kids to bed. 

Young people having benefited from launching their own business say there are a handful of benefits; no startup costs, independence, and the ability to market your company when you're sitting in a lecture, bar, or lying in bed.

And they're using the very thing they're criticised for using too much - social media - to drive their companies to success.

Jake Millar, who at 20 is behind two start-up companies, says it's "very cheap" these days to start a business. 

"It can be really easy to get your product in front of your audience, if you're using the right tools," he says. 

Jake's current project, Unfiltered, is a business education company aiming to "plant the seed of inspiration" through video interviews with world renowned business leaders.

He says social media has played a huge part in pushing these companies to success - this is where his primary audience is and costs for a sponsored Facebook ad or Instagram post are lower than tangible advertising platforms. 

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