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Sep 26, 2016


A group of Macleans College students have taken their love of tea, fruit and protein and turned it into a multi-functional, award-winning product.


Khorshed Tarapore, Isabella Meltzer, Tanuvi Garimella, Vincent Wang and Andrew Hu have designed and produced FLO, a fruit detox and tea infuser drink bottle made fully out of glass, with a bamboo lid and a stainless steel filter.

The group, made up of 16 and 17 year olds in year 12 and 13, created the product as part of the Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme and Ms Tarapore said it all came about thanks to the group’s shared love of tea and other drinks.

“We all kind of came up with it together, because we love tea – all of us really love drinking tea – and so we were just trying to find something that would have tea in it, something to put fruit in, something to also shake up some protein in.”

She said the group won a Kiwibank Best Business Award at a Young Enterprise Scheme trade fair last month.

“At the trade fair the judges were very impressed by the quality and design of the bottle, [which] was said to be ‘sleek and simplistic’.”

Vincent Wang said it was very important that the product looked good so that it would be shared on social media platforms like Instagram, increasing its profile.

Isabella Meltzer said the group wanted to make a product that was multi-functional and efficient for everybody to use.

“These products exist separately on the market but we thought why not combine them,” Tanuvi Garimella added.

The students thanked the Young Enterprise Scheme for “fostering student innovation” and for giving them an opportunity to showcase their talent.


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